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London lost
March 2002 Reading of the death of the Queen Mother in Tate Modern May 2002 Mayday protesters gather in Trafalgar Square May 2002 Making peace banner in trafalgar Square during May Day rally May 2002 Ancient custom of 'Beating the Bounds' in Lower Thames Street June 2002 During Queen's Golden Jubilee parade in Trafalgar Square June 2002 Concorde flies over Waterloo Bridge during Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrations June 2002 Spectators in Trafalgar Square during Queen's Golden Jubilee parade April 1994 Alistair MacGowan recording Spitting Image clip by Junior Gaultier in Carnaby Street March 1997 Druids celebrating Spring Equinox at Tower Hill April 1997 'Reclaim the Streets' protesters in Charing Cross Road July 1997 Enjoying TUC Summer Festival, Victoria Park, Hackney February 1997 Celebrating Chinese New Year in Gerrard Street

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