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London lost
July 2000 Funfair in Burgess Park, Southwark July 2000 Relaxing at African Festival in Gabriel's Wharf, South Bank August 2000 Departing Bartholomew Fair, Smithfield with prize April 2000 Father & child on Riverside walk, South Bank April 2000 Dodgems in funfair at Battersea Park April 2000 cycling father & child on Riverside Walk, South Bank June 2000 Enjoying the Waltzer at Bermondsey Festival in Southwark Park June 2000 Chasing bubbles Bermondsey Festival, Southwark Park June 2000 Community summer event, Nelson Square, Southwark June 2000 Young r3ecruit during Coin Street 'Celebrating Sanctuary' festival July 2000 woken by street performers at Lewisham People's Festival, Mountfield Park August 2001 Cooling in fountains in Somerset House courtyard

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