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London lost
September 2001 Funfair at Gabriel's Wharf for Thames Festival October 2001 Riverside at Bankside walk after rain October 2001 Caricaturist in Covent Garden Piazza October 2001 Activities during Southwark Festival in Hayes Galleria November 2001 Waiting for the Lord Mayor's Show to start, Mansion House April 2001 young skaters in phone booth outside Festival Hall June 2001 Enjoying a rain-affected Stoke Newington Festival, Church Street January 2001 Spectators at New Year's Day Parade, Piccadilly August 2002 Playing with toy buses & taxis in St James's Park September 2002 Spectator at Latin American Flower Festival by Tower Bridge September 2002 Father & child during Bethnal Green Festival September 2002 Thames foreshore beach by Gabriel's Wharf

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