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a song and a dance
dressing up
goings on
healthy activity
urban wildlife
light and shade
London's people
London's river
London's landscape
London lost
February 2000 Spitalfields Market pancake race April 2000 London Marathon wheelchair race passing Bermondsey tation April 2000 London Marathon crossing Tower Bridge June 2000 Poster & hearse on blackfriars Road July 2000 Performers rehearsing at Lewisham People's Day August 2001 Basketball event on Clapham Common August 2001 Basketball competitor at Clapham Common event February 2001 Pancake Race in Spitalfields market December 2001 School skating class on Broadgate rink December 2001 Skating rink at Somerset House April 2001 Beginning of London Marathon at Blackheath June 2001 Trampoline user at sports event in Southwark Park

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