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a song and a dance
dressing up
goings on
healthy activity
urban wildlife
light and shade
London's people
London's river
London's landscape
London lost
June 2002 Celebrating England's World Cup win over Denmark, Trafalgar Square January 1995 Outside County Hall at start of New Year's Day parade May 1997 by entrance to British Museum June 1997 Enjoying sprinklers in Finsbury Circus April 1998 Clapham Common May 1998 Attacking Newcastle supporters in Trafalgar Square August 1998 On New River Walk, Islington September 1998 Outside clothes shop off Kingsland Road November 1999 Kensington Gardens April 1999 During Harnessed Horse Parade, Battersea January 1999 After a trip to Hamley's in Covent Garden July 1999 Hen Party passes through Shaftesbury Avenue

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